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Me in Japan

About Me

I'm 28 years old, from Banbury, England. I like making websites, traveling and photography.

I made my first website when I was 14 and while it is no longer online, I have continued learning web development. Now I am 28; everything has changed completely and I still enjoy the challenge of learning new things.

After studying Computer Science I went into web development in the UK. I now have over 5 years experience in full stack development; from managing servers and databases. Building e-commerce stores on Magento and Woocommerce. To creating custom built systems.

I'm, no creative writer, I just like to post my travel photos and experiences. I am much more active on Instagram.

The source code for this website can be found on my GitHub. If you are interested in using the code from this website or if you need some help then message me as I would like to help.



I hope to visit 100 countries before I'm 30

I love to travel and visit new countries; so my mission is to visit 100 countries before I am 30. I am currently about 20 countries short with 2 years remaining but maybe it's possible.

Head over to the countries page on my blog to see where I have written about. I will try to update the blog with posts from my old blog from time to time.